Membership Renewal 2012

The renewal process begins soon...

The IASLT is not yet processing new registrations or renewals of membership and will begin doing so on 01/01/2012.

Similarly to 2011 renewal and registration, it is possible to pay membership fees online, for a faster and more convenient process.

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Questions about renewing your membership?

Renewing your IASLT membership is a simple matter for most, hopefully made even more convenient by online payments. In most cases, it involves logging in, checking/updating your contact details and confirming payment.

For some members who are changing membership type (Student Members switching to New Grad Member, or New Grad Members applying for Full Membership), it is necessary to provide validation materials for review my the Membership Committee. We will guide you through this process as you renew. Similarly, those whose membership has lapsed (who were not registered members for 2011) will need to submit documentation for review.

If you have a query regarding your renewal, please feel free to contact the Membership Committee: